Meet the Discovery Young Ambassadors!

Want to join our gang for Discovery 2017?

26 September 2016


Welcome to this year’s Discovery Film Festival – a festival programmed for and by young people. Over the past few months we have been carefully selecting films from around the world that we believe will resonate with the youth of today and we hope that there is something for everyone. Each one of us has brought our own personal flair to the planning process and we’re looking forward to helping out during the festival itself – all that’s missing now is you!

We hope you really enjoy the festival this year!

Rowan and Šean (on behalf of Adam, Erasmus, Fin, Jess, Jude, Max, Molly, Rebecca, Tara and Theodore)

Read on for some of our thoughts on film...

Best movie performance of all time?

Adam: "In my opinion Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle is the greatest movie performance of all time. ‘Are you talking to me?’”

Favourite sequence?

Theodore: "My favorite sequence in all of film is Ash’s battle with his own hand in Evil Dead II – he runs the gauntlet, fighting his own hand, lopping it off and fighting it again! Pure horror comedy perfection.”

Who would you choose to direct a film about you?

Rowan: “If I could have anyone direct a documentary of my life it would be Taika Waititi – and I’d like Jemaine Clement to play me, please.”

Favourite villains?

Tara: "Gaear Grimsrud and Amy Dunne are my favourite villains. Her sneakiness and his silence. Imagine them in a film together!”

Any other thoughts?

Jess: "Everyone on the planet has something to gain from watching more film”

Rebecca: "Jake Gyllenhaal deservedan Oscar for Nightcrawler. Just saying."

Max: "There should be more musical horror films!”

Fin: “Watching Memento a second time was so much more confusing than the first.”

Sean: “Sleeping Giant has the same thrill and excitement as any other “summer camp” movie, but with a certain depth and poignancy that makes it really individual”

Molly: “I’d love to spend a week at the hotel in Youth. It struck me as a place where the quirks and tales of the characters were equally as beautiful as the setting and provided a whole new perspective on the well-trodden, ‘coming of age’ concept.”

Jude: “I don’t think any of us are normal people” – Wes Anderson

Erasmus: “Local Hero is one of those films that still resonates today – the idea of American exploitation in Scotland. The scene that stands out is when two men stand watching the aurora borealis – it’s so refreshing to see them take a break from business to spend some communal time admiring the land, the environment.”

Want to join our gang for Discovery 2017?

DCA are always looking for young people to get involved with Discovery Film Festival and other film activities year-round at DCA. If you’d be interested in joining our gang, learning more about film and
helping to make the festival even better, we want to hear from you! If you’re aged 15—19 and love film – it doesn’t matter if it’s the latest blockbusters or the artiest art house, as long as you’re up
for new things – email Mike for more info: