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The Night Of The Beast
(La noche de la bestia)


Iron Maiden, Bogotá, 28th February 2008. A night to remember. Well it would have been if our two young metalhead heroes hadn’t had their tickets stolen on the day of the actual event.

"Captures the highs and lows of chasing your dreams..."

Too excited to do anything as dull as spend the day of the gig at school, the two best friends instead head out into the streets of Bogota to build up to what is surely going to be the best night of their lives. Carefully avoiding family members, generating the cash to collect their actual tickets and visiting the local record store are all far more important – and the day is going well until the fateful intervention of a street gang looking for an easy score. With the tickets gone, Chuki and Vargas try to come up with an alternative plan to get into the concert, but as time passes and the likelihood of success rapidly fades, their friendship is put to a very real test.

You really don’t need to be a fan of Iron Maiden to understand and appreciate the central belief of the film – that life is full of key moments that need to be grabbed and held on to with all your might. And that friendship – and family – are ultimately what count. This freewheeling coming-of-age tale captures the highs and lows of chasing your dreams, using animation and a talented young cast to capture the spirit of that very special night in the lives of two teenage metal fans in Colombia.