The Club of Ugly Children - School Screening
(De club van lelijke kinderen)


When President Isimo decides to remove all (what he calls) “ugly” children from schools, it is just one more step in his increasingly tyrannical approach to creating a perfect nation. With his rallying cry of “Keep it clean!”, he continues to erode personal freedoms in favour of national prosperity and efficiency. But when Paul, one of the children deemed surplus to society, begins to fight back, a new underground revolution is started. Helped by Sara, and a small gang of similarly excluded children, he sets out to show the world that everyone can have a voice – and that you don’t have to look a certain way to be a hero.

"Spotlights just how the media can manipulate and dominate its audiences."

Set in a near-future, dark and dystopian landscape, the film spotlights just how the media can manipulate and dominate its audiences. Using popular music, billboards and social media – and most obviously through the medium of television – President Isimo’s world seems frighteningly recognisable, and shows that media control is a cornerstone of oppression and dictatorship. This is an exciting demonstration of how dangerous contemporary media controls can be, all in the guise of a rollicking adventure story in which the tables are well and truly turned.

Although we have suggested an age range of 12+ due to infrequent strong language, older primary school audiences might find much to appreciate in this film. Please check our accompanying educational resources below for further information.

Dir: Jonathan Elbers
The Netherlands 2019 / 1h30m / Age 12+
Dutch with English subtitles

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