Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers - School Screening
(Tottori! Sommeren vi var alene)


Vega (aged 9) and her rather excitable younger sister Billie (almost 5) – who Vega often finds somewhat annoying – are going on an overnight hike with their Dad in the Norwegian woods. The hotly anticipated trip is full of bright sunshine, exciting discoveries and very happy moments until Dad, showing off to his daughters, manages to fall into a mountain crevice and twist his ankle. Unable to move, he asks Vega and Billie to retrace their steps and get help. Initially the girls feel lost and unable to manage, but as their journey goes on they slowly learn to embrace the challenge and make their journey through the countryside one to remember. Along the way, they will have some magical (and occasionally) mysterious encounters in the forest, but they bravely face their fears, discover their superpowers and find strength in each other.

"...they bravely face their fears, discover their superpowers and find strength in each other."

This traditional quest story is enhanced with some beautiful scenery, terrific performances (especially from the two young girls, who are sisters in real life) and a whole raft of fascinating incidents along the way – some very real, some magical, some a little bit scary... Throughout it all the connection between the two girls changes and develops, each bringing their own strengths to the situation and finally learning to work together to find their happy ending, simple – but very, very effective.

Dirs: Silje Salomonsen. Arild Østin Ommundsen
Norway 2020 / 1h17m / Age 8+
Norwegian with English subtitles

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