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Douglas Boswell

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Frikke, a 14 year-old boy, comes across a computer game and discovers to his horror that it is being played with real children, trapped inside a fiendish labyrinth. As he plays, he meets Nola, and determines to do whatever he can to rescue her. But the game’s creator warns Frikke that he will harm Nola if Frikke loses, or quits playing. Things get worse when Markus, Frikke’s best friend, also gets drawn into the labyrinth. In a race against time, can Frikke solve the secret code and stop the evil genius who has manufactured this despicable game?

It’s only fitting that this film should have the chance to be seen in Dundee, the birthplace of so many fine examples of terrific computer games – though we sincerely hope that no games of this kind are currently in development! With its dazzling visual effects and ingenious use of green screen, this is a gripping tale for gamers and non-gamers alike.