Say hello to the Discovery Young Ambassadors!


26 September 2017

Welcome to this year’s Discovery Film Festival – a festival programmed for and by young people. Over the past few months we have been carefully selecting films from around the world that we believe will resonate with the youth of today and we hope that there is something for everyone. Each one of us has brought our own personal flair to the planning process and we’re looking forward to helping out during the festival itself – all that’s missing now is you!

We hope you really enjoy the festival this year!

Here's a bit more about our thoughts on film:

What have you enjoyed about being a DYA?

As a DYA I've had the opportunity to see some incredible films from around the world that I wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to experience! (Jess)

I've enjoyed being a DYA because it's given me opportunities to see a diverse range of films. Getting to watch different filmes, for example that are in other languages, lets me experience snippets of other cultures. (Rachel)

Through Discovery I realised I actually wanted to make films, which is now what I'm doing in Edinburgh! (Jude)

What's your favourite film?

My all time favourite film is Avatar 2, I know it's not been made yet but you just know it's gonna be the greatest film of all time, isn't it? (Adam)

Mad Max: Fury Road is the best film, just looking at it leaves you stunned (Ross Ba)

I loved Geoffrey Faithfull's cinematography in Village of the Damned. It's just a brilliant film in general and I was particularly drawn to the 1950s Britishness of it all! (Eve)

Favourite scene in a film?

A movie scene I'll always love is from Super 8 when the kids are shooting their film at the train station. The rawness of having the train rushing by in the background, mixed with the anticipation of knowing what's about to happen next, gets me every time. (Robyn)

Who would play you in a film?

If I had to choose I would cast Karen Gillan to play me in a movie because I think she's amazing. (Shannon)

How has film inspired you?

Dedicating my life to creating a working lightsaber. Results have varied. (Ross Bu)