Love dogs? Love films? Send us your selfies!


8 October 2018

This year's festival opens with a gala screening of Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life - it's a charming adventure about young Sebastian, who lives in the French Alps with his beautiful Pyrenean mountain dog Belle. The film follows their latest adventures, which include puppies, a mysterious villain and some stunning mountain locations. 

To celebrate the opening of the festival we're running a competition: if you have a canine best friend of your own, send us a selfie on social media using the hashtag #DiscoveryFilmFest by Sat 20 October, and you could win free tickets to the festival film screening of your choice.

To get the ball rolling, we asked the staff of DCA (and their friends and family) to send us their photos. Here's a quick selection:

Jude, DCA Learning team:

"This is me and my dog Smudge. Smudge is happiest when he's chasing a ball or having his tummy scratched."

Jude also sent us this, from Caitlin:

"This is Coco, she's a 1 year old puppy who ALWAYS has to have something in her mouth, even if that's her tail!"

Annis, DCA Print Studio:


"Last Sunday morning reading the papers, watching the garden grow and letting sleeping dogs lie. Also the cutest photo ever (yes, that is a petal on his nose.)"

Lastly, Val from our exhibitions team asked her family for submissions and they delivered an entire pack of pooches:



Thanks everyone! 

Want to join in the fun? Get your selfie over to us by Sat 20 October and we'll add you to the prize draw for free tickets to Discovery Film Festival 2018!

Our opening gala screening of Belle & Sebastian, Friends for Life is on Sat 20 October - see you then!