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Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
(Zipi y Zape y el Club de la Canica)

Óskar Santos

While everyone else is off on their summer holidays, mischief-loving twin brothers Zip and Zap are en route to a strict boarding school as punishment for their rule-bending antics. Tyrannical headmaster Falconetti imposes a harsh disciplinarian regime where fun and games are strictly forbidden, but the twins form a secret gang to carry out an anti-authoritarian resistance movement to sabotage Falconetti’s plans and keep up their mischievous pranks. When they stumble across a trail leading to hidden diamonds buried deep beneath the school, they are soon embroiled in the most exciting adventure of their lives, cracking codes, unlocking secrets and racing to find the treasure.

Described by some as ‘The Goonies in Spanish’, this rollercoaster of an adventure is based on characters in the beloved Spanish comic strip, brought to the screen with some storming special effects, terrific settings and a real boys’ own adventure approach to the narrative. As Zip says (or is it Zap?): “It’s like a pirate story. A map, a one-eyed man and hidden treasure…”

Break the rules. Join the Gang.