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Katja von Garnier

Fiery teenager Mika is smart and independent, but hardly a model student. After failing her exams, her exasperated parents send her away to spend the summer with her strict grandmother, who runs a prestigious riding stables in the middle of nowhere. Mika is unimpressed, until she unexpectedly comes across a beautiful black stallion with whom she has an instant connection. The only trouble is, the equally fiery Windstorm is on a final warning after a series of violent clashes with anyone attempting to ride him – and Mika’s grandmother is convinced there is no solution to his unpredictable and dangerous behaviour. Mika must achieve the unthinkable in an effort to prove her wrong and save her new friend.

Wild child plus wild horse equals beautiful friendship in this classic narrative which is boosted by stunning cinematography, fantastic performances (especially by the young leads) and an exceptional score. Simple, yes, but very, very effective indeed. Triumphing at the 2014 German Film Awards, winning the title of Outstanding Children/Youth Film, we guarantee you too will be wanting to go for a gallop along the West Sands in St Andrews by the time the final credits roll!