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The Custody
(La Garde)

Sylvain Archambault

“An uneasy, chilling atmosphere”
“The chemistry between the father and son made the relationship feel real”
“Didn’t know what was going to happen next”
“Tense and exciting”
“Compelling” Discovery Young Ambassadors

Discovery Young Ambassadors

Luc is separated from his teenage son Sam and will do everything to get him back. Sam will do everything to get away…until a dramatic event forces them to take another look at each other.

Prevented by a restraining order from seeing Sam, 40-something Luc is in a bad place. Sam lives with his mother who is struggling to hold everything together, not helped by Sam’s rebellious teenage ways. Ignoring the court order, Luc picks Sam up from school one day and whisks him away for a hunting trip in the woods – where things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Part relationship drama, part action adventure, The Custody features two truly remarkable performances from Paul Doucet as the troubled Luc and Antoine L’Écuyer as the equally burdened Sam.