DCA Archive

Shorts for Middle Ones

Various directors

With their distinctive glances at the world (and solar system) in which we live, this diverse collection of short films will excite and inspire those aged 8 and older.

We learn how important potted plants can be in space, how to draw improvements to the world around us and what happens when two young tearaways discover that appearances can be deceptive. There is a weird and wonderful high-speed chase that takes place through the history of art, and a warning that life is not always easy when your best friend is a frog. We also see that if you like your house to be spick and span, then getting a pet dog isn’t perhaps the wisest move.

All the films are dialogue free, demonstrating the wonderful art of telling stories purely through visuals. Who needs words when the pictures are so beautifully expressive? These films are funny, sad, exhilarating, cautionary and touching.