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Sam de Jong

Summer on the housing estate, and it’s a dog-eat-dog world, especially for teenagers. Respect has to be earned, and if you drive a purple Lamborghini then you’re definitely top of the heap. Seventeen year-old Ayoub is definitely not anywhere near those heights. He fancies Laura something rotten, but her boyfriend is well hard. How can Ayoub ever compete? He has hardly any money, shares a tiny room with his sister, his mother is stressed and his addict father lives on the streets. Something has to be done. When Ayoub drums up the courage to speak to the outlandish owner of the aforementioned Lamborghini, he opens up a whole can of (particularly vicious) worms…

With colour, wit and style, Prince is an eye-poppingly garish visual feast, depicting the trials and tribulations of contemporary teenage life on an urban estate. There is no room for greys and muted tones here, and it is a refreshingly stylised – and hugely entertaining – representation of youth on the edge. Our Young Ambassadors loved it!

The Scooby Gang came along to DCA for a preview of Prince before the festival - you can read their review here.