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Operation Arctic
(Operasjon Arktis)

Grethe Boe-Waal

Thirteen year-old Julia and her twin siblings Sindre and Ida, aged 8, have recently moved to a small Norwegian town with their mother. Desperate to see their father, they secretly stow away on a helicopter at the local military base, which they believe will take them to him. Unfortunately, the helicopter changes its route and soon they find themselves lost and alone on the deserted Half Moon Island in the northern Arctic Ocean. Now the three are forced to face challenges they had never ever dreamed of – limited supplies of food, icy blizzards, hungry polar bears on the doorstep and no way of getting a message back to their parents. Can they survive long enough to work out how to get back home?

This is a thrilling, epic adventure story and a modern twist on the Robinson Crusoe narrative, set on an entirely different kind of desert(ed) island. Learning to survive in the harshest of environments would challenge any adult, so the pressure on Julia to look after her brother and sister forces them all to reconsider their relationships with each other and with the world at large. Terrific performances from the young cast, plus outstanding cinematography that really captures the powerful force of nature that is the Arctic wilderness, make for an outstanding family film.

So – what exactly would you do in their situation?