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My Revolution


With the Arab Spring blossoming, in the heart of Paris people take to the streets to show their support. But not 14 year-old Marwann. Despite his Tunisian roots, Marwann is too preoccupied with adolescence – getting his parents off his back, becoming popular at school, and impressing his crush, Sygrid. But when a picture of him ends up on the cover of the biggest newspaper in France he accidentally becomes the face of the Arab Spring. He’s instantly branded as a revolutionary hero and the ‘cool kid’ at his school. To win over Sygrid, Marwann embraces his newfound identity, only to find himself on a journey of self-discovery, first love, and maybe even an actual connection with his roots.

My Revolution really does offer a new twist on the coming-of-age story, where our hero not only chases the girl but also comes to terms with a whole new understanding of contemporary political engagement.

My Revolution was selected by our Discovery Young Ambassadors, a group of film-loving 15-19 year-olds. Here's what they have to say about it:

“very vibrant... a charming coming-of-age story with a political twist”

“really liked the family relationships”

“an inspiring story of standing up and fighting for what you believe in but at the same time a vital message of peer pressure”

“effective relationships between teens”

“at first glance a film dealing with revolution but is more focused on friendship and love”

“good depiction of teenage friendship”

“good soundtrack (very French)”

“you’ll enjoy this if you like We Are The Best!”