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Veit Helmer

Slap bang in the middle of Germany, Bollersdorf is a completely average town – and proud of it. They will do all they can to stay that way and if that means putting all the grandparents into an old people’s home to keep to the statistical average, then that’s what they do.

Step up The Coati Gang! These feisty children (together with their lovable pet coatimundi, Fiddlesticks) are determined to rescue their fun-loving grandparents and blast the notion of being average sky-high by setting a new world record for something. For anything! But what exactly? And how?

This candy-coloured live action romp is a fun-filled homage to total chaos. Blending the madcap zaniness of Laurel and Hardy, the authority-defying stance (and hairstyle) of Pippi Longstocking and the absolute mayhem of a Michael Bay movie, The Coati Gang promise a most entertaining visit to the cinema. Just don’t try any of this at home!