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Ricardo Trogi

“Realistic, believable, three-dimensional
“Very well acted”
“Loved the soundtrack”
“A great storyline and a very well
written script”

Discovery Young Ambassadors

The year is 1987 and Ricardo is 17 years old. Coming to the end of his time in high school, he has several important targets to achieve in his final, carefree summer: he needs to lose his virginity, find a foolproof way of getting into local bars, get his own car and spend some quality time with his friends before they all head off to college. However, in order to do these things he needs cash. Using his Italian heritage, he takes a few shortcuts and ends up running a couple of scams that aren’t entirely legal… But, hey, he’s 17, it’s the summertime and he’s with his best friends. What could possibly go wrong?

Starting off resembling a teen high school comedy (did someone mention Ferris?), 1987 takes a few turns along the way and ends up in altogether very different territory indeed. What starts as recognisably safe stereotypes from the teen movie stable, shifts into full blown characters with much more edge to them than might initially be expected.