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Discovery Opening Gala: Rainbow


Get dressed up in your brightest outfit and join us for a fun-filled gala event featuring Rainbow, a dazzlingly colourful musical journey through the sights and sounds of Rajasthan in northern India. After the film you can get creative with decorative henna hand painting, use some stencils and make amazing mandalas, as well as enjoying some sweet treats and exploring this year’s Discovery exhibition in the Galleries.

Ten year-old Pari and her 8 year-old brother Chotu live in a picturesque village nestled among the sand dunes in North-West India. Chotu is blind, yet he is anything but sad. Happy, precocious and always ready with a funny remark, he is the life and soul of the village with Pari as his eyes, his guide and his best friend. Pari has promised Chotu that he will be able to see by the time he turns 9 and, as always, Chotu believes her unconditionally. When their family proves unable to fund the required operation, Pari turns to an unlikely source of support – Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood’s biggest and brightest star. When Pari hears that the actor is making a film some 300 kilometres from their village, she determines to take Chotu to find him and together they set out on a journey that will change their lives forever.

What unfolds is a magical journey during which the two children meet a host of colourful characters. Some will help, and some will try to stop them – but throughout it all the audience enjoy the inevitable questions: will they make it? What will Shah Rukh Khan say? Can Chotu regain his eyesight? Does fortune really favour the bold? Infectiously charming, this heartwarming fairytale of an adventure has been feted at film festivals around the world, and we’re delighted to be able to bring this irresistible slice of colourful Rajasthani magic to Tayside for its first ever screening in Scotland.