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Daniel di Grado

Be the first in the UK to see Alena, a brand new Swedish horror that depicts the harshest of high school realities. Mean Girls meets Carrie in this story of jealous schoolgirls that sees clichéd corridor cattiness turn to sinister twisted gore.

Meet Alena, the new girl at an elite boarding school, an underdog you’re sure to relate to. Into her world comes Filippa, who’s rich, the most popular girl in school, and a bully; Fabienne, caring and kooky, not an outcast, but not your typical ‘cool’ kid either; and then there’s Josefin, a mysterious figure from Alena’s past who's jealous, controlling and abusive and paves the way for the carnage that follows. It’s a new term and with all the strong characters, rivalries and severe jealousy within the school, things are going to get messy...

Alena was selected by our Discovery Young Ambassadors, a group of film-loving 15-19 year-olds. Here's what they have to say about it:

“An atmospheric plunge into the workings of the damaged mind”

“an original feel and eerie tone”

“a suspenseful ‘ghost’ story, layered with jealousy and deceit” 

“captivating and chilling”

“provoking all kinds of emotion”

“the use of atmosphere to create frightening scenes is very effective” 

“you’ll enjoy this if you like Let The Right One In