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5 Rupees

Discovery Film Festival

Seven-year-old Hamid lives with his grandmother in a small village at the foot of the Himalayas. Although poor, they have a very happy life together, and their loving relationship is the envy of many other families in the community. When his grandmother promises him a whole five rupee coin to celebrate the approaching Eid festival, Hamid is thrilled. A travelling funfair is in the next village, and Hamid and his classmates see a golden opportunity to celebrate the public holiday in style. Will this small dream of his come true – and if it does, will it come at a cost?

Based on a short story, this is a simple tale beautifully told, with glorious cinematography and outstanding performances – one by a first timer on screen and the other a legend of the Indian film industry, actress Shabana Azmi. Full of beauty, this film is a powerful depiction of the moments in our younger years when true innocence was a time of hope and happiness. How would you choose to spend your five rupees?